A little stuff about myself

So yeah, I figured that I should start this blog, mainly because the idea was haunting me since last year. Had this project at informatics, start a blog, and due to my undying laziness I skipped it, yet the idea bugged me ever since. 

Staring with the introduction, my name is Andreea, friends call me DiZ or Azette, either one is ok. I recently celebrated my 20th birthday and realized that it doesn’t feel any different from being 19 or 18…maybe just mentally. Or the recent events made me grow up a bit…either way it’s of no importance.

I guess I could tell you about my hobbies too….first of all reading. I’m addicted to reading books. Horror and SF don’t really do it for me, neither does plain romance. I like psychological books, fantasy and I could go on but I’ll just tell you about my second hobby and that is writing. Started around 5 years ago, fanfiction first and then moved on to my own characters and events. There is no greater feeling of achievement than actually giving life to a world, be it fictional, and see it through, for me at least.  Art…as my third hobby I am very interested in art. Photography, paintings, I love going to galleries…of course going with someone is ever more pleasant, but going alone works too.

My “kid” asked me to say a few words about her too…so that’s what I’m doing now. It’s more of a talk via messenger/microphone talk relationship. We met on a forum and it was addoption at first sight…erm post I mean. Sweet kid, kind of a loud mouth but you have to love her.

I kinda reached the end so I guess that’s about it for now, managed to get down a few lines, that’s what matters. So until next time…ty ty.


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