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Reading Pratchett and listening to Enya (or In Flames since my playlist decided to mock me and change the song), now that surely ensures a fun day, only that after three days of staying in bed with a fever and aching all over, it kinda gets to you. The cost of a cold is this:


A whole fist of God damn medicine and you might even expect them to actually do something…wrong! But hey, this cold and the meds got me losing 4.4 pounds. So if diets don’t do it for you, get a cold, success guaranteed. Tried it myself even.

At least I had the chance to go thorough Ionut Chiva’s book, a Romanian writer. My boyfriend gave it to me and I read it between learning, going to courses and running around the college buildings, but now I had the chance to actually sit down and enjoy it. Guess what? I did. It’s awesome, the atmosphere really gets to you and you realize that life’s not only what you see of it. It’s fictional of course, but it gives you the impression that the author actually lived what he wrote there (the use of the first person helps a lot). The characters are extremely well shaped; each of them has something that makes them alive in the reader’s mind, not to mention the memorable quotes. Every good book must have a memorable quote.

The most memorable scene from this book, in my point of view, is the zoo scene. The main character (also the author) remembers the time when he was a kid and went to the zoo. There he stopped at the wolf’s cage and became fascinated with the alpha male. A very old wolf, not described in his great splendor, on the contrary. The author describes him as…well mostly as a flea bag, with missing fur and big yellow teeth. It was feeding time and something in the wolf’s attitude got the character’s attention.  But the scene is completed with the existence of the wolf’s monologue. I’ll give the quote in Romanian at first and then try to translate it as good as I can in English:


“Te uiti la ei nu? Sunt bine, cu muschii lor,

dar ii am, imi infig dintii galbeni in ei si trag


se rupe. Ma urasc toti,

dar nici juma’ cat ii urasc eu pe ei. In fiecare


ma astept sa

sara dintr-o data pe mine.

Nu-i nimic, ma

Agat de unu-doi si ne ducem

impreuna, nu-i asa?”


English version:


“You’re looking at them no? They’re good, with all they’re muscles,

but I have them, I plunge my yellow teeth in them and pull


it breaks. They all hate me,

but not even half as I hate them. Every


I’m waiting for them

to jump on me.

But not to worry, I’ll

grab one or two and we’ll go down

together, isn’t that right?”


The monologue was about the lead as the alpha male, the danger of being attacked at any moment. It was close to the situation our main character found himself in. The book reminds me of Requiem for a dream, more or less. The same atmosphere only that it’s not about drugs. Book cover looks like this (and if you ignore the porn connotation of the title, after you read the book and use your brain  a bit, you’ll find that it is a suitable title): 


Ok I think I should get back to studying for my finance test tomorrow. Enough slacking from me. Remember, if you wanna lose weight, get a cold.



One comment on “Memorable quotes

  1. crochiul says:

    *hugs tight* no worries, you`ll surpass the ebil cold!

    I trust in you, little Sparta!

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