Catching the Sun


Finally a day out of this house. No I’m not done with the cold but I couldn’t stand one more minute under a roof and four walls so I wrapped up the gang and went in the park.

Miku tripped a couple of times, we all laughed like mad and took a lot of pictures, yeah well going out with friends….there is nothing else compared to it guys. You realize how much you miss it only when you don’t have it anymore, like other stuff too but let’s not go into gloomy stuff, not today.  I’m happy.

As you can see we did some sun catching, all’s well, the person didn’t burn his hand. Then we all stopped to admire the bunny that was running around us (yes people there was a bunny…there were two actually) laughed at how the owners were trying to catch it, tried to catch some balloons that were flying by (actually that was Miku…she nagged us to get her a balloon and I promised I’d steal one for her…it got away).


And then we all stood and watched the balloon fly high into the sky, waved it      good-bye and went on our way to take pictures of more flowers….and ourselves. Now that spring came there will be a lot more outgoing than before. Sick and tired of clubbing. Wanted some fresh air and a green surrounding.

All in all it was fun and seems that today I’m going out again, only that this time  with my boyfriend. Poor guy got the flu from me (I did tell him to stay put while  I’m sick) and seems that now he’s feeling ok so we’re going out. Fun is  ensured….and some more photos.

So now I’ll leave you, want to put up some more photos on DeviantArt…that and my eyes are kinda falling shut even though I slept eleven hours…go figure, the more you sleep, the more tired you feel.

Oh and remember: if you catch a cold, you lose weight. Ty ty people.

Memories are the consequence of the collision between past and present…

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