A rainy spring, a broken screw

So here is May, the first of May, a free day for all and a train ride for me. Grabbing my boyfriend by the hand, I half dragged – half got pulled along to the train station to get tickets. We figured why waste time on the trian that leaves at 8:30 AM, let’s take the one that leaves at 7:30, we have more time then. Said and done. Got the tickets, ate and went back home.

Friday came and after the excruciating pain of waking up at six in the morning, of course after cursing the one who woke me a.k.a my boyfriend, I packed up a few things and headed for the train station, probably hitting my head on the door (I am NOT a morning person), I ended up on the right track and we both climbed in aboard the train. Now, here comes the irony of it all. The train had a delay of 40 minutes at first and we all stood there waiting for it to go already, until we saw that the 8:30 train came and went. Now that’s a way to start the day (and I made a rhyme too). Finally our train decided it kept us waiting enough and started dragging itself towards the destination.

When we heard what caused the delay I nearly curse my boyfriend for the screw theory he gave me yesterday. A small screw broke and they had to replace it…and for that we stood more than an hour waiting, not to mention that as we were in the car, my boyfriend started telling me that all you need to do is to make a screw give in and then the owner could kiss some money good-bye (talking in car terms but it seems that trains work on the same basic). So much about the screw theory from him….

Finally arrived there, we went to eat and drink and walk and, well all I can say is that all in all, pushing apart the train incident, the day was worth to remember. I had loads of fun and I think I embarrased him on the street cuz I was acting like a small kid , jumping all around and laughing and well, being a kid.

So that’s my rant for the day people, I’ll leave ya be for now.

P.S: he didn’t get me lollypops

Memories are the consequence of the collision between past and present…

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