I hate them…

In some moments, hating your family is absolutely normal, but what about when it happens on a regular basis?  Fighting and yelling everyday does not bring a family together…in some states it’s considered to break it apart even. One may reach an age when he or she will just fuck it all and leave with no intention of looking back and if they’ll look back it’ll be just to say the words:  “I hate you” with meaning and no regret.

Maybe I got so familiar with these words that I can’t think of another to describe my feelings for them. Hate seems a powerful word, but for me it isn’t powerful enough. I say it everyday in my mind,  but in reality I never show it because I’m an ‘oh so God damn good kid that likes to have its life miserable’.  As much as I hate them I hate my lack of courage  to step up for myself.

But I swore to myself that when that time will come, I’ll never look back, not even to say “I hate you and what you made me become”  because some people don’t even deserve that much attention.

Memories are the consequence of the collision between past and present…

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One comment on “I hate them…

  1. Issel says:

    sweets….. the matter is pretty weird… I mean I did step up and throw all my bad impressions on them, yet it didn’t had any effect… one week of regular fights as a mother-daughter “love” and after it all become so calm and peacefull….. the only good thing… if I can even say “good”… is that in this moment I can tell her” I’m out” and she doesn’t fight back….. she knows that I can tell her “I hate you” yet I didn’t said that out loud… and she knows better than me… that I’m not 12 anymore and still remained the same good kid, with high grades, a good job… yadda yadda….

    So I really hope that you’ll be better with the family… and the fight’s will stop….. YOU ARE A GOOD KID…. and a pretty angel… so do not be afraid to do whatever you like :d….they will realise that you have your own mind and they won’t be bothering you for long 😀

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