All the small things…

Yeah, it’s all the small things that make life enjoyable, even if we don’t notice it at first, but looking back you’ll know what I’m talking about.  A smile, a wink, these sort of things that make you feel good if they’re coming from someone special for you, a friend, a lover…yeah, looking back you come to love those moments and want to relive them, or at least I do….some that is.

It’s autumn so I’m getting nostalgic, I know, but don’t worry, it’ll pass quick since the holiday’s almost over for me. I’ll have other stuff to fill my mind with. I have been told that I look too much into the past, but I can’t help it since it’s what I enjoy, reading old messages, looking at old photos, although some may bring painful memories, I like to remember and maybe make a comparison to the actual time, see what changed and what remained the same, that’s how I work unfortunately (and I keep telling myself that thinking doesn’t do good for the soul nor  the mind, yet I keep doing it >.>).

So for the record, yeah I like digging up the past because it has nice memories along with painful ones and I am a masochist. End of subject.

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