Transformers 2

Transformers 2

Ok….so Michael Bay…what is the first thing that comes in our minds when we hear that name? That’s right…explosions, computer generated effects and a lot of action. Bad? Not in the least.

Now we all heard different opinions on the second movie based on the Transformers. Some say it’s the best movie they ever saw, some say it’s the worst, some remain indifferent about it. Truth be told….it wasn’t that bad. It all depends if you go and see it with the expectations of a good plot and brilliant acting. Then, the movie would suck, but if you want to see some great action and some great effects then this movie rocks, period. So many people told me that it’s so bad and I shouldn’t even watch it that when it began I could only look for the flaws and…surprise…I can count them on my fingers, and I’ll start with the most annoying of all: if this is a robot movie (and it is) then why the hex do they get so little time on screen? No seriously, Optimus kicks ass, as always Bumblebee is as adorable as ever (in all his rip-his-spine-out-and-throw-him-against-the-wall nature with the enemies), the twins were…uh, let’s just say…special, to not use another word, but they were cute too, Megatron got only a few scenes…The fallen one…at the end…and yeah I guess that was it. I was expecting more robot to robot fight to the end, but I was disappointed at that part. Next stop: the mother….God damn make her shut up already! It wasn’t enough that she had this squeaky annoying voice, she had to cry and whine with it too…urgh! Onto the two lovers….ok so the romantic scenes in this move were like a nut in the wall…they had no freaking place there and they were just for the audience to have a moment of d’awww and “how sweet” but don’t worry, they don’t last THAT long, I mean sure you may wonder why Sam is a total wuss when it comes to confess his feelings for Mikaela and why it took a whole damn war for him to say that he loved her….but yeah as I said…it was an unnecessary plus that we could have done without. Hmm…let me think a bit…the acting wasn’t entirely bad though Shia LaBeouf could take some acting lessons along with Megan Fox.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to awesome-ness. The two soldiers that came on screen from time to time were the win. I mean, there had to be at least someone that had brains in that whole military base. The official from the White House ticked me off by a long shot…how dumb and idiotic can a person get?….well apparently, as you shall see in the movie, quite a lot. How can you ask the robots to leave the Earth when you know you’re battling things that are ten times higher and 100 times more powerful than you are? There should be a limit to human stupidity sometimes. Anyway, after he did his job of annoying everyone in the audience, the dude was thrown off a plane (yeah literally, too bad he had a parachute) and we get back to our old fashion action movie. There were some scenes that wanted to be sad, but then you realized that 1) Optimus can’t die…and 2) Sam can’t die, so they had to revive them somehow, that’s where the movie turns cliché but then we’re all surrounded by special effects and robots and we’ll forget all about it. True that the first movie had another feel to it, and the robots were more present…d’oh, but this one ain’t bad.

I know I keep praising the effects but God damn…the effects…see it on a Blu Ray and you’ll know what I’m shouting here about. I’m serious. Go.See.It.

The ending is of course good wins over evil (did I mention that Optimus kicked ass? Yeah? Well I’m saying it again: Optimus kicked some God damn robot ass). So don’t go listening to anyone that says the movie is good or bad, go see it and make your own opinion of it.

So as far as my opinion goes I have this:

Sounds: 8

Visuals: 10

Plot: 7

Overall: 8,3

P.S: Bumblebee rocks and he always will.

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