Last snow

A week ago it started snowing again. Snowing hard. At that time I thought that winter still had something to share with us, some more snowflakes in her clouds, and surely I wasn’t the one to complain. I love snow, I adore it and I want it as long as possible…plus, it gave me the chance to take the long awaited pictures. Yes, that’s right, long awaited, for me of course. I wanted to go out and take pictures since the first snow fell but I never got the chance. Then came the exams and all my time flew out the window with a rocket jetpack.  So here I am now, taking advantage of this last snow fall, because Spring finally took over and everything is melting. I’m really sorry that I can’t capture everything I want to ( still need to practice that “photgrapher’s eye” ) but as they say, practice makes perfect.

Today I went with my boyfriend and one of my friends in the park and managed to take a couple of shots while they were discussing on a bench. We used to go in that spot during the summer but in winter it looks more peaceful. There was almost no one in sight, just a couple of people here and there ignoring us in their hurry towards their busy life. The show was covering everything, it didn’t get the chance to melt yet and there was only a white field surrounding us. I wished they’d let the lake filled so that it could freeze as it did in the last years. The image would have been complete then, but I guess I have to go with what I had there. Unfortunatly, we couldn’t stay long there so I couldn’t actually go to all the places I wanted to…but then there’s always next time if the snow doesn’t melt, and if it does, there’s always next winter, with the condition that it snows as much as it did this year, or at least close to it.

Well now, enough with my babling and onwards to the pictrues. There will be more to come these days, but today, I only manage to get just a few that I actually like.

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