Final Fantasy

I recently started playing Final Fantasy X ( recently as in a couple of days ago, but I put some good hours into the game even so ). Now, the first Final Fantasy that I ever got my hands on was Final Fantasy IX and I have to say I fell in love with it. Claudiu gave me his PSP so that I could play it and I am very much grateful to him for that, because I discovered a very good game ( you must have realized by now that I am an open world fan ). And now that I started playing the next game I can’t help but feeling a bit disappointed, mostly because for now, it’s pretty much linear and for a Final Fantasy game…it doesn’t do it. Maybe, later on, it’ll reverse to its normal open world state. But I can’t say anything about the game play though, I like it, it’s what I’m used to mostly. What I  like about the combat here is that you can switch between the characters during combat and you can change your weapons and armors too. What I don’t like is that when you do a summon you can only play with it and the others are left out.
Well…that’s basically it, I didn’t get that far into the game to say anything else….oh wait. Blitzball! God damn it that first match was a freaking hard one and unfair. How was I suppose to compete with a bunch of level 1s against a team of levels above 2? Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I’ll end this little geek rant by saying that it’s still Final Fantasy and I’m enjoying it, and by being Final Fantasy it means that it has a good story to the game.
Till next time…

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