Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Claudiu lent me his PSP one day because I needed an USB stick or something that works like a that, so here we are. Because I couldn’t help myself but get the one game I wanted to play since 2008 when it was released ( see title of this post ).
So I finally got my greedy little hands on the game and started playing. First thing that hit me was that the regular FF tactics were gone. I mean yeah, sure you still had blizara and fira and thunder ( thank GOD for cura in some cases ) but you’re only playing with Zack and the fighting is in real time. A good change from my point of view since I really liked this type of fighting in Kingdom Hearts. Well, truth be told you still have the other characters present in the fight but more as an invisible appearance. You have a modulating phase that lets you borrow the strength of others and that comes in handy sometimes when you’re in a pinch.
The graphics are amazing, really I’m still amazed at the short films between scenes and feel like I’m watching Advent children all over again. The game play graphics are not to be forgotten either because the whole game looks good and I haven’t the pleasure of discovering any glitches yet ( or if they were then I haven’t noticed them ). As I said, you play as Zack and follow his ascension to SOLIDER level 1 alongside Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth.
I’m not really making a review, more just writing my general impressions on the game so I’m not going to tell all the story in the game here. What I am going to say is that I haven’t finished it yet, I’m fighting Sephiroth and that may take a while. One ting that always bugged me in final fantasy games is that there is no “skip” button for scenes you already saw. And usually before a big fight there’s a pretty long scene that you have to watch over and over again if you die. This happened here with Sephiroth too, because I can’t manage to kill him when he goes in his hyper slash mode and has all those summons around him, but I’m getting there…aaaa…ah yeah, I was saying about the scenes. Yeah, it really makes me not want to reload and try the fight again when I know I have to re-watch that scene. So really Square Enix, “skip” button saves lives or in this case, makes the player want to go on with the game.
Soooo that’s kinda all I have to say now, I’ll maybe post again about this when I actually finish the game. But so far so good. I love the game, I like playing with Zack and damn I wish I never watched that OVA with Cloud and Zack in anime style. Ah well…playing this game and knowing the past story cleared some things up for me and I’m waiting to see how the ending is.
Till next time…

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