The Little Miss


The followings comments are taken from my facebook account, and they’re between me and Noarev ( Vlad ). We started from a picture that resembled the Ketty Jay. Those who read The tale of Ketty Jay or The black lung captain will be familiar with some names and events enlisted here. I love it how our comments always turn into stories of epic adventures…plus, I get to  be captain.
Me: The Ketty Jay! 😀 related to the ship
Noarev: So, if you’re the captain…that makes you Frey. Dibs on Crake.
Me: I like Frey and Crake 😀 but…you said you’re the navigator…so that makes youuu….hello Jez 😀
Noaerv: *raises eyebrows unamused* Don’t make me go Mane on your cute little ass, captain!
Me: hehehe 😀 awww you’re so cute when you get all worked up. But dibs on Crake, you have him. Just make sure to keep Bess out of my cabin, last time she ruined half of it.
Noarev: Could’ve been worse. It could’ve been the cat. And I am not cute! I’m fierce! Arrrgh! *makes funny face* See? Fierce!
Me: Sure sure have it your way you mighty warrior of the skies. Just careful where you aim your gun next time you try to shoot the enemy. The cat was busy with Harkins…I think that’s why he’s sleeping in his plane.
Noarev: Hey, I have shot neither you nor I so far. That’s what I call a success story. Yes, that might explain a few things…
Me: The “so far” better stay that way. I’m pretty fond of my body without holes in it. And I’m pretty sure Trinica would kill you for denying her the pleasure.
Noarev: *Coughs to hide an amused smile* Of course, captain. I’d hate to kill you before Trinica gets to do the honors of making holes in your body for her pleasure. *salutes and quickly runs off before bursting into laughter*
Me: *yells after him* I heard that! *returns to the pilot seat* next Mane vortex, I’m leaving him there.
Noarev: ‎*talks into cuff-link* You know, cap, these things are useful toys. Face it, life’d be dull without me. Now…there’s these individuals looking for me…nothing fancy *coughing fit* Century Knights *really muffled* Could we rush the departure from port a bit?
Me: Bloody hell, I forgot about these things. Get your arse back here in one piece and without them following you…and if we might be in the air by the time you arrive…do you think you could…sort of…jump on the cargo ramp and crawl inside? would spare us a lot of time, really.
Noarev: Oh, suuuure, captain. While I’m at it, do you also want me to give the ramp a scrub and a wash? Maybe spit-shine the landing gear?
Me: That would really be kind of you, but it’ll have to wait until we get rid of the Knights
Noarev: *grabs on to landing gear, struggling to get a leg up the ramp to roll into the ship* Join my crew, she said. It’ll be fun, she said. *manages to pull onto the ramp* Last time…I swear, last bloody time I fall for that…
Me: *smirks* but it is fun…for me. Now stop yer whining, you got on, didn’t ya? I waited for you.
Noarev: *gets up muttering and dusting off my clothes* You were hovering over the landing pad! Almost burnt my damn head off trying to get up to that damned ramp! *takes sip from hip flask* At least that was another smooth takeoff.
Me: Oh don’t be a pussy, you know I’d never hurt you…on purpose. You got on and your hair’s safe to be admired by your little miss you took fancy on. I call that a good take off.
Noarev: *smug smirk as i nod approvingly at the reflection in the windshield* I suppose you’re right. The scorch marks give the coat a dignified air as well. So, where to next, captain? *pulls out a number of coin purses* People loose these at an alarming rate, it seems. *deep affected sigh*
Me: Well people better keep on losing them, this ship doesn’t run on air and even if it did, I’m sure they’d put a price on that too. It’s my luck you know, it doesn’t exist.
Noarev: *Smug puff as I pile up the coins and trinkets* What’s that about your luck not existing? How many captains get the chance to pick up as delightful a crew member such as I? *throws you a silver pocket-watch* Delayed winter present, cap.
Me: ‎*catches* I always loved those, thank you mate. I didn’t get you anything…but then again I haven’t shot you yet so you might consider it a present. Ah Hell, next time I steal something valuable it’s yours.
Noarev: *finishes taking things out of trenchcoat pockets, finishing with a hat* Well, I might just take you up on that. The valuable stuff, not the shooting. Tried that once, it ended with bleeding and screaming and shouting. And that was just the doctor when he pocked me with a knife to get the bullet out. Last time I visit the frontier towns…or so I said at the time.
Me: Oh then I shouldn’t remind you of the time when the Mane…right…better not.
Noarev: *sour expression* You just haaaad to say that, didn’t you? *ship buckles under fire* You just had to bring up the shooting…
Me: Hey I stopped didn’t I? Not my fault you’ve got a good memory *makes a few maneuvers and steers off course* Now go call that wretched doctor to shoot down whoever’s following us or I’m gonna make you hand wrestle them.
Noarev: *stops for a few moments and ponders* Well, I suppose that I could…*something important sounds like it broke* On second thought, I’ll go get the doc and start with the shooting and all. *runs down corridor* Back in a jiffy!
The Little Miss is the name of our ship and we had fun inventing it. We had other comments that led in stories, with Sherlock and Watson and discovering the mysteries of the woman mind…actually…that’s where it all started, come to think of it. We were in need of a ship in our other “adventure” and thus came to life this little story over here. Anyway, we’re proud of our imagination and we’re having fun putting it to work.
Till next time…

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