Disney’s back

In plain force too. Since “The Princess and the frog” came out I longed for something as good as the old Disney movies were. And I wasn’t let down. Disney’s “Tangled” is an awesome movie, with awesome graphics and soundtrack. I saw it at the cinema with my boyfriend and we were both dazzled. Caught it in 3D too.

I don’t think I have much to write about this movie, because the story, well we all know it, although it has its Disney changes, nothing like the ending in the book either and I honestly don’t remember Rapunzel’s parents being king and queen but…that doesn’t really matter. The story in its all, changed or not, is brilliant and Disney managed to give it a special touch, as they usually do.

The movie had many funny moments and let’s admit it, the horse rules, but there is one scene that impressed me the most, and that is:



Along with the song of course. The soundtrack, as I said, was brilliant all together but the song from this scene particularly stood out. The only problem that I can think about was that the 3D made it darker than it actually was. The movie was full of colors and the 3D didn’t do them any justice.

As an ending, because I said this won’t be a long review, I have to add: go see the movie. It’s worth it, don’t download cam rips, go see the movie in all its splendor.

And since I mentioned the song:


Till next time…

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