I’d want that


I stumbled upon this while randomly browsing the net. I know I should be studying for the presentation on Thursday, and in all honesty I’m trying. I have the summary I’m trying to modify open, my paper in front of me, the power point presentation open, but I’m just too damn tired to actually focus on anything. I’m scared to hell and back that I’ll lose all my ideas during the said presentation and nothing anyone says manages to calm me down. I’m horrible, I know, trying to tone it down, but after the bachelor’s degree. Right now I have all the rights in the world to be stressed and panicked.

Anyway, I’d want one of those. It may have a few recurrent people in it ( ok, maybe one that’ll show up every time I’m actually pissed on something ), but it’d be a hell of a lot better than a whole diary page, or a blog post.

Ok…I should probably get back to trying to study. I’m scared. I just wanna see my grade and be done with it.

Till next time…

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